CRITERIA                                                            SCORE

a)  that they are unique, as made or built/the last remaining one of a group or class/extremely rare







b)  that they are representative of a group or class that merits preservation







c)   that they are illustrative of a type of activity that merits preservation







d)  that they represent an important technical or operational aspect of the railway







e)  that they represent an important aspect of the social impact of the railways







f)   that they form part of an established series or part of an assemblage that is being collected by a recognised institution







g)    that they represent an important stage in development







h) that they have been involved in some significant event, or have associations with an important person or organisation







i) that they are of local, regional, national or international importance















All should meet criterion i) and one or more of criteria a) to h).

For each criterion, a point of 0, 1, 2, 6, or 10 is allocated with 10 indicating that the item scores extremely highly on the criterion concerned. Items should not be considered further for designation unless either: at least one score of 10 has been allocated  or: the total of the scores equals at least 20